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Are Solar Garden Lights Any Good?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Until recently, Solar Garden Lights had a bit of a poor reputation; they emitted a dim glow and were considered not very reliable.

Not so anymore.

Solar Garden Light Panel

Today bright LEDs have replaced more conventional filament bulbs that glow very bright, yet require less electricity to operate. And, if maintained correctly can last a long time.

Other advances in solar lighting include the development of more efficient photovoltaic cells, improved circuitry and more efficient batteries. Certain solar lights can therefore be used year round with little difference to performance.

When choosing any Garden Lights, it's important to firstly decide what type of lighting you need. There are three categories of outdoor lighting to consider: Accent Lights, Ambient Lights and Task or Safety Lights. Learn more about these here.

Solar Garden Lights - Things to Consider


A great advantage of Solar Garden Lighting is that they cost nothing to operate. This helps to offset the upfront cost of a good quality Solar-powered light and something your electricity bill will thank you for over time. Plus, they are better for the environment.


Installing outdoor lighting can sometimes be complicated and costly and usually requires the service of a licensed electrician. Solar-powered Garden Lights on the other hand, are affordable, easy to install yourself and can be relocated easily should you wish to move them around.


Good quality, weather proof, Solar Garden Lights need very little maintenance. Changing the battery and wiping the charge unit sporadically is as much as you need to worry about.

Don't Forget


Remember to consider how much sunlight your garden or patio gets as well as weather conditions. Constant shade or overcast skies can result in low light output or a shorter running time. Under these conditions the lights won’t operate as well as they normally would.


Not all Solar Garden Lights may run as bright as you want for the length of time you may want after charging so remember to look into this when choosing your Solar lights.

All in all, a good Solar Garden Light can be a great way to save you time and money. Check out our Top 5 Selling Solar Lights to help you get started.

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