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Bolleke Outdoor Hanging Lamp by Fatboy

Sometimes where and how to hang outdoor lamps can be a bit of a conundrum. Step forward Fatboy's Bolleke rechargeable hanging lamp that is easy to move around and also very pleasing on the eye.

This fun cordless lamp is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and at 8" in diameter emits a decent amount of ambient light. With it's taupe colored sailing-inspired silicone loop handle it's just as easy to hang on a string as it is a tree branch.

The lamp's control buttons are made of smooth silicone and conveniently located at the base of the light so you can easily access the three brightness levels. Many customers are impressed with the length of a full charge that can light for up to 24 hours.

We say buy a few!

Available at Finnish Design: http://tidd.ly/4bc5d6c3

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