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Best Selling Patio Umbrella Light Under $20

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The OYOCO LED Patio Umbrella Light is currently the bestselling patio umbrella light on the market and it's easy to see why. So versatile, with 28 LED Lights at 200 lumens, the light will work for all your garden entertainment and outdoor needs.

Best Patio Umbrella Light

The OYOCO LED Patio Umbrella Light is so easy to use - it simply attaches to the umbrella pole of your patio - it's as easy as that! It's perfect for those areas where you have little or only ambient light and you need a touch more to be able to eat your meal in comfort or play some cards. Additionally, the umbrella light can be attached to the pole to be an up-light or a down-light and with 3 light modes, you are fully in charge of the brightness.

The other reason we love this little light is that it can just as easily be hung on string or used inside a tent on a camping trip. You'll find many uses for it.

Choose either the Cool White or Warm White light options. The 4 x AA battery powered light should be stored inside when not in use.

Grab one to enjoy eating outside as late as possible!

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