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Top 5 Garden Fairy Lights under $25

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Outdoor Fairy Lights are lovely ambient lights for evenings outside. They can really add to the mood of any outdoor dining or garden party. Here are our Top 5 Picks Under $25 that you should have in your Garden Lights collection.

Fairy Lights suitable for Outdoor

1. Classic LED Outdoor Fairy Lights

These high quality, 20ft 60 LED Classic Fairy Garden Lights pretty up any outdoor space and offer a soft warm glow. Easy to hang or place in a bottle or jar. They are also great value.

Pack of 2 Available on Amazon:


2. ANYAYLIA LED String Lights

These 16.5ft 50 LED Battery Operated Fairy Lights are mounted on an ultra thin, bendable but sturdy copper wire making them easy to shape around fence or ornament.

Available on Amazon:


Garden Fairy Lights suitable for Outdoor

3. Twinkle Star LED Garden Lights

Add a twinkle to your backyard or patio with these pretty 100 LED 49ft Star-shaped Fairy Lights. These ones are waterproof, extendable and just the right size.

Available to Buy on Amazon:


4. Honeybee Solar LED Lights

How cute are these 30 LED Solar String honeybee garden lights? 9.7ft in length with 8 different Flashing Modes, they will add a bit of fun to any garden and will look great in a plant, tree or trelliss.

Available to Buy on Amazon:


Garden Fairy Lights for outdoor

5. GIGULAMI Solar Flower Lights

Brighten up any corner of your garden or yard with these 23ft 50 LED Outdoor Colorful Solar flower garden lights – long lasting and so pretty!

Available to Buy on Amazon:


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