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Top 5 Garden Umbrella Lights

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

These Top 5 best selling Garden Umbrella lights will ensure you can stay out on the deck or patio as late as possible. Simple and effective solutions for late dining al fresco, reading or taking on a camping trip. They are really versatile and easy to use.

1. OYOCO 28 LED Umbrella Light

It's easy to see why the 28 LED 200 Lumens OYOCO umbrella light is a best seller. This pole-attached light can provide up-lighting or down-lighting and comes with 3 brightness modes. Also a great price. Choose from Warm White or Cool White light. 4 x AA Battery Operated.

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2. Magitec 44 LED Patio Umbrella Light

The Top Rated Cordless Magictec LED Patio Umbrella Light comes with 3 Lighting Modes, 44 LED Lights and a USB charging port. Which is a great addition. 4 x AA Battery Operated.

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3. OYOCO 36 LED Patio Umbrella Light

The Cordless 36 LED 220 Lumens OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light has 2 Brightness modes. Plug-in or 3 x AA Battery Operated. The Warm White light is perfect for Patio Umbrellas, Camping Tents or general Outdoor Use.

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4. QPAU 28 LED Patio Umbrella Light

The Cordless QPAU Umbrella Light has 28 LED 200 Lumens Lights and 3 lighting modes. In its highest mode, this small but might light shines Super Bright.

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Best Choice Solar Light Patio Umbrella

5. Best Choice Solar LED Patio Umbrella

If you are looking for a new garden umbrella that comes with lights, the Best Choice 10 ft patio umbrella is complete with solar powered lights that can be used day or night. They also come in a range of lovely colors to choose from.

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